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Happiness in marriage is not "automatic". It has to be worked out.

This workshop is for those who want to...

Iron out their differences before they enter into marriage;
Know more about the personalities about their future partners through a detailed relationship inventory;
Learn how to resolve conflicts in a relationship;
Connect deeply with their future partners.

  • Discovering the strengths and areas of improvement in your relationship
  • Identifying the possible blindspots in your relationship
  • Finding out exactly where the differences lie between both of you



  • Knowing each other’s love languages
  • What is love in reality? Developing passion, intimacy and commitment at the same time
  • Making sense of communication: Being understanding is more important than being right!
  • Turning differences and conflicts into growth and passion
  • Managing in laws: Protect your marriage by setting healthy boundaries with all other relationships
  • Sexual intimacy: When it comes to sex and affection, you can’t have one without another
  • Marriage and wealth: Build a nest that both of you can enjoy with freedom!


• 1 full-day; 10-hour workshop
• Couple sharing and exercises
• Small group discussions

Conducted by Marriage Counsellors and facilitated by trained Marriage Mentors



Centrally Located (Please refer to Course Schedule for more information)



S$260.00 per couple


Fee is inclusive of:
"Prepare / Enrich" – An online personality / relationship assessment
COMPLIMENTARY MARRIAGE WORKSHOPS (subject to approval from Ministry of Social & Family Development) for each couple upon completion of course
• A book entitled “52 Steps Towards A Long Lasting Marriage”
1 Processing Session for "Prepare / Enrich" Assessment Report



Upon full attendance at the workshop, each couple will get a S$70.00 rebate from Ministry of Social & Family Development (applicable if one partner is a Singaporean or PR).

Family Central also provides individual sessions of the Marriage Preparation Course.

For more information / enquiries, please contact:
Lee Ming Choo: [email protected]
Shona Tan: [email protected] or call: 6425 2422



Arthur Ling

• Deputy Director at Fei Yue Community Services
• Degree in Social Work  (NUS) & Masters in Psychology (NIE/NTU)
• Appointed by MSF as a member in the expert panel  to improve on  the capability of family life educators
• Certified DISC, MBTI, PREPARE/ENRICH, FOCCUS  & Biometric Profiling Consultant
• Interviewed on AM Singapore, FM95.8, FM 97.2, FM1003, KISS 92 & 早安您好!
• Hosted a regular counselling programme on FM1003
• Marriage Convention 2014 speaker
• Licensed Solemiser

Chang Chee Siah

• Degree in Biopsychology & Masters in Counselling
• Sought after speakers for parenting talks in schools and corporations
• Interviewed on AM Singapore, FM95.8, FM 97.2, FM1003, KISS 92 & 早安您好!
• Corporate trainer in leadership, team building, coaching & personal effectiveness
• Certified Solution-Focused Coach
• Certified DISC, PREPARE/ENRICH, FOCCUS & Biometric Profiling Consultant
• Marriage Convention 2014 speaker



While preparing for our wedding, we read somewhere that it was more important to "prepare" for our marriage than a wedding. With this in mind, we set out to find a wedding preparation course that would suit out needs. The fact that the course took only a day was perfect for our busy schedules. The course was conducted by an experienced couple (both trained counsellors) and they shared a lot of pointers and tips on how to make our marriage a harmonious one.

Even though the course was done on a "group" level, there were many exercises and personal sessions that were held that provided the right level of intimacy and engagement required for such kind of courses. The "Prepare/Enrich" assessment survey that was done prior to the course also gave us very good insights on the dynamics of our relationship.

We are very thankful to have attended this course and highly recommend for others to try it!

  - Participant of Class 2014


Attending this programme allowed my fiance and I to have a higher level of understanding for each other. It was very fulfilling and enriching for us. This programme should be highly recommeneded to young couples.


- Participant of Class 2014


This program provides a conducive and comfortable environment for us to talk and discuss on issues with each other and with our Mentors, who were present in each session. We were able to learn alot from the Mentors as they shared with us their own journey in overcoming challenges in their marriage. Besides that, we were able to discuss issues that we could not openly talk about before with each other. Our Mentors have really given us good tips!

We also want to commend the Trainer, Arthur Ling... He is great!  

  - Participant of Class 2014


We have only been dating for close to a year, but have talked about our future together and thought that the course outline was very intriguing and relevant. We share the same ultimate aim of wanting to achieve “a lifetime of happiness in marriage”.

Some things that we have taken back with us from this course were – the practical tips on how to communicate with one another better and how to resolve conflicts when they arise. The couple face-to-face conversation segment added on to the whole experience of the course as it allowed us to reveal our deepest emotions and fears; becoming vulnerable to one another; yet knowing that our partner was present with us through that journey. Furthermore, the availability of mentor couples offers us an avenue to seek guidance when we need it in the future. The continuous follow-up workshops also add more value to the course as this is not a one-off experience which we will forget after the day is over. 

Thank you for organising such a meaningful programme!


- Participant of Class 2014



Course provided us with a framework and practical tips on how to  build a strong marriage!
The Mentoring structure is very helpful for couple like us to have deeper understanding of our relationship through the guidance of a Couple Mentor.

- Participant of Dec 6 Class


I have enjoyed the session. The course was very engaging and interesting.
Learned some soft skills in managing conflicts and setting right priorities.
Sharing of experiences from Mentors were very good and helpful.
Well done!

- Participant of Dec 6 Class


- The course was very helpful as it provides me with insights on how couples can communicate better, helping us to improve our relationship. I love the last part where both individuals declare their love!

- I would highly recommend this very effective one-day programme to friends who are tying the knot. This course provides a good mix of couple interactions, better understanding of each other's love languages and precious sharing by Couple Mentors. I am more prepared for marriage life!

- This programme has introduced a new perspective of a marriage relationship.Highlight useful pointers to maintain a healthy relationship. Very friendly Couple Mentors. Good structure of teaching time, group sharing and engaging discussions on relationship issues.

- Participant of January Class 2015


- Great programme to really get to know other couples and great bonding with them too! I have learned techniques to build up my relationship with my fiance.

- The programme was  very engaging and interactive. I really appreciate our mentors. They were very patient, actively listening to us as we shared and fun loving too!

- Thank you for organizing such a lively, well-organized and wonderful course!! Very Interesting & informative. Strongly recommended course!

- An excellent course with  brilliant , enthusiastic speakers.. Arthur & Chee Siah! Really enjoyed and benefited greatly from it.

- The course touched on various aspects that are critical in building a happy marriage. It also provided a platform to practise the things we have learnt.

- Enjoyed the sharing of personal stories and experiences. Very good strategies shared by speaker.

- Participant of March Class 2015

- Great initiative & very valuable.

- Arthur was a very good speaker & trainer. He delivered his key messages well and concisely, with impact. He was not long-winded which could have diluted the messages to the participants. The structure of having individual couple mentors and face-to-face couple discussions was also interesting & useful; it focused on the concept of support and intimacy.

- It was a useful snapshot & insight into the work that marriage required.

- Arthur was very knowledgeable & fluent with his expressions & sharing. He was able to summarize the vital points after every mini session.

- The pace of the programme was well-spread. Private sessions with couple mentors were very useful to answer queries. Could consider having more of such session with mentors.

- I appreciate the couple mentors for taking time off to help couples to prepare for their marriage.

- Arthur is knowledgeable and funny and the session went by quickly, thoroughly enjoyable.

- Participant of April Class 2015












- The trainers and mentors were knowledgeable. The course was fun and enriching.

-Very enriching! Programme was an eye-opener as we learned many valuable lessons on building a healthy marriage.  It gave my partner and I a good experience.

-The trainers, Arthur & Chee Siah, presented the topics well. They were presented in a fun and interactive manners.

- Role play was good. Helped me to understand better.

- Participant of May Class 2015

- This course served as an affirmation that my spouse and I will have a good foundation to start our married life together.

- The sharing of stories from trainers and mentors were very useful.

- Very important for couples to attend this programme in order to understand each other better. Will recommend this programme to my friends.

- A valuable session to allow couples to open up and appreciate each other. A great platform for couples to grow through this programme.

- We like the "Couple Space" segment. It was the first time for my fiancee and I to have this "space" for and with each other.

- Well organised with many sharing sessions. Really liked the "Couple Conversation". The session was very meaningful to us.

- The group discussions were good and effective. Learned alot from the sharing of other couples.

- This was a good programme that helped me to understand my partner better. It was a very enriching and engaging programme.

- Participant of September Class 2015













- Great group sharing. Not so awkward.

- The trainer, mentors and coordinator were all very approachable.

- I would recommend to couples who are getting married or having difficulties in communication.

- Learned a lot from the programme. Was very useful for my girlfriend and I.

- It was a well-organised and useful session especially the sharing sessions.

- I found the emphasis on  couple bonding helpful. It also reaffirmed our choice of choosing to spend the rest
of our lives together.

- Thank you for the session. It was an enjoyable one!

- Through this programme, we learned to express and appreciate our partners. We have also  learned techniques to prevent and resolve conflicts.

- I like the different formats of contents especially the different activities. This made the course very engaging. Will recommend this course to my friends who are getting married!

- I have learned to express myself through this programme. I have benefited a lot from it.

- Participant of October Class 2015
- The session was very useful as it served to make us more aware of simple ideas which would come in handy in our relationship. The activities were interesting and really helped to further deepen our bonds.

- I would strongly recommend this program to couples getting married or even married couples to take a proactive approach in maintaining a healthy marriage relationship.
- Effective program that allowed me to know more about my partner.

- The course has helped to crystallize some of the issues that existed and how to manage them.

- It was truly a thought-provoking and inspiring session. Made me realized that marriage needs more work than anything else.

- The techniques and methods covered in this course were very useful and relevant! A day well spent in attending this course!

- Good concise presentations with relevant examples  that will encourage couples to apply skills taught by the speaker.

- Participant of November Class 2015