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Breaking Free From Erroneous Parenting

This book aims to educate parents and raise their self-awareness of parenting styles, the strengths and the weaknesses, the danger zones to identify and avoid and to provide effective discipline techniques, etc. to help them further improve and grow even deeper in their parent-child relationships.

Keeping up with the times and innovation, we have now adopted a new approach in promoting parenting education and that is, to use comics to bring across parenting and family life education. Daily experiences, issues on discipline, common mistakes made (and to avoid after seeing them), plus many more parenting concerns and tips relevant to our culture and society for which the contents are presented and portrayed in a light-hearted manner.


1. Condemnation
2. Comparison
3. Criticism
4. Inconsistency Between Parents
5. Inappropriate Praising
6. Needs of Child Ignored
7. No Time
8. Emotion of Child Not Considered
9. Insistent and Preachy
10. Inability to Follow Through
11. Bribery
12. Love Too Much
13. Disrespectful
14. Interrogation
15. Lack of Understanding

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