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About the National Silver Academy (NSA)

The National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) (i.e. ITE, polytechnics, universities and arts institutions) and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) that offer learning opportunities for seniors. Beginning June 2016, seniors aged 50 and above can look forward to attending:


These courses are in areas which are more life-skills rather than work-skills oriented. For VWO-run courses, the final fee payable – for both Singaporean and PR seniors – takes into account the prior support given by the government to VWOs to develop and offer the short courses.


These are programmes such as the intergenerational learning programme which pairs students with seniors to learn about selected topics. Other programmes include short talks targeted at seniors.


Courses Available:

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Arts & Culture (English)

ADMIRE Basic (Drawing)
ADMIRE Watercolour I
ADMIRE Watercolour II (Landscape) - FULL
Cartooning with Shapes I - FULL
Cartooning with Shapes II
Chinese Ink Painting I - FULL
Chinese Ink Painting II - FULL
Chinese Ink Painting III - FULL
U can play Ukulele I
U can play Ukulele II - FULL
Keyboard Appreciation Class I
Keyboard Appreciation Class II
Crafting with Love
Fun with Eco-craft - FULL
Basic Portrait Drawing - FULL
The Art of Everyday Printing

Arts & Culture (华文)

绘画 1
绘画 2
(应用)剧场介绍课程 101
即兴剧场介绍课程 102
Making Harmony with Harmonica (口琴的故事)

These are the approved list of Skillsfuture courses.

华文课程 - (Mandarin Courses)

辅导学 1 - (Counseling 1)
辅导学 2 - (Counseling 2)
实用心理学 1 - (Practical Psychology 1)
实用心理学 2 - (Practical Psychology 2)
TCM 1 基础知识 - (TCM 1 Basic Knowledge)
TCM 2 自我保健 - (TCM 2 Self Care)
TCM 4 自诊健康下 - (TCM 4 Self Diagnosis)
TCM 5 中药方剂 - (TCM 5 Understanding the Use of Chinese Medicine)
TCM 6 常见疾病 - (TCM 6 Understanding Common Diseases)
TCM 7 养生大全 - (TCM 7 Our Well-Being)
TCM 8 食疗药膳 - (TCM 8 Health and Immunity)
中医保健推拿 1(内科)- (TCM Massage 1)
中医保健推拿 2(外科)- (TCM Massage 2)
汉语拼音 - (Learn Hanyu Pinyin)
银发健脑 - (Stimulate Your Brain)
隔代教养 - (Childcare Training Skills for Seniors)
乐龄与饮食营养 - (Nutrition for Healthy Living)
65 岁以上乐龄财务规划 - (Financial Planning for Seniors)
会话英语 - (Let's Speak English (Mandarin))

English Courses

Flora Design 1 - FULL
Flora Design 2 - FULL
Flora Design 3 - FULL
Leathercraft - FULL
TCM Acupressure Massage
TCM Perspective on Common Diseases - FULL
Mindfulness Based Stress Management
Better Health Through Free Flow of Meridians
Essential Understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - FULL

For the full list of courses offered by the National Silver Academy, please visit www.nsa.org.sg or click here.